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PulmoCADxis a start-up company developing Computer-Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) tools for early non-invasive diagnosis of lung cancer.

PulmoCADx CAD system analyzes thoracic CT scans and assists radiologists in detection and diagnosis of malignant lung nodules.

PulmoCADx CAD system helps to make better diagnostic decision in order to initiate treatment earlier, and thus to improve treatment outcomes, as well as significantly reduce the number of unnecessary interventions and follow-up CT scans. 

PulmoCADx Competitive Advantages:


  Automatic detection of lung nodules in 3D

  Registration of images with the compensation for lung expansion/contraction and patient movement, which results in accurate tracking of individual nodules

  Measuring and taking into account multiple physiological and morphological parameters in addition to nodule growth measurements

  Non-bias quantitative analysis of the data